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Some projects, especially those with thousands of deliverables dispersed over a complete country can be daunting. Certainly not for the faint hearted. Dispersed teams and a variety of skills just add to the confusion.

GANNT and PERT charts would fill a stadium and be totally unmanageable. So what can you do?

In the past database technology has been used to master the problem. Naturally this means a huge delay in progress whilst the IT specialists define your requirements in detail and produce the software required. Once the software is in place and the bugs ironed out you should be fine but are you? What if processes need changing or modification during the project? What if your director needs specific reporting data? All of these things happen in the real world and all you can do is adapt the software as you go along. Expensive, time consuming and generally not budgeted.


It is precisely this dilemma that has motivated the development of PROJECT COCKPIT.


Maintaining flexibility is the key design feature providing the project manager with the tools to adapt everything adaptable throughout the life of the project. This includes languages, field descriptions, data input requirements and a lot more. So if you have multilingual teams PROJECT COCKPIT deals with it. If you donít like a screen description or button you can change it. If you want to store data with a particular name you can define it.


The production of this software has been a challenge but the results are very encouraging. We are sure that this product will save you time money and loads of stress. Project planning and execution has never been easier!
















Taking the stress

out of large and complex projects




This website is dedicated to provide information on the development status of "Project Cockpit"


Latest News:


Version1 Released

Version 2 Due Feb 2012


TRIAL VERSION AVAILABLE from the Independent Associates Limited website


Mapping Module is now available.

Displays project elements and their status on Google Earth.


E-Mail promting development is completed and is incorporated in version 2














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